Polished concrete floors: a limpid floor like glass!

The application of a transparent coating on polished concrete floors is often less expensive than floors that are very polished (not required coating). This is mainly due to the time required for the contractor to prepare the ground. All polished concrete floors begin in the same way whether with a smooth concrete surface that should be ground to expose the stone in the concrete matrix and reach the desired finish.

When a transparent coating is applied on a polished concrete floor, the concrete surface needs less preparation. A first passage with diamond grinding machine is required to open the concrete surface and exposing the stone, while the second passage is required to complete the stone exposure and remove scratches left on the floor during the initial passage. There are a variety of coating options for polished concrete floors, depending on the type of use.

Residential polished concrete floors

Our premium product is very bright, 100% solids, perfectly clear. This high-quality epoxy coating will give a visual effect similar to the glass. This product is also low VOC, is a green building option and can be applied in existing buildings without disturbing the surrounding areas.

The second option is a polyurethane-based solvent. The Polyurethane will give a similar appearance to the 100% solid epoxy, but the polyurethanes are only 40% solids, therefore, once the coating dry, the polyurethane is only 40% of the thickness of an epoxy resin 100% solid. The Polyurethane coatings are a particularly interesting option for manufacturing facilities, since they have a very good scratch resistance. The Polyurethane coatings are also easier to cover when maintenance is required.

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