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Frequently asked questions

Should the contractor for my garage floor hold licenses?

Yes, specialized contractor must hold a contractor’s license from the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec and liability insurance

What is the difference between epoxy and polyurea?

The two products are excellent and have their own utility. You can check this comparative chart to enlighten you. Comparison Chart Epoxy, Polyurethane, Polyurea

Do I have to leave the house during the works?

No, our process is odorless and without dust.

Does your teams can clear the garage?

Yes, we offer the moves service of your furniture, equipment and appliances. However, we do not claim to be professional mover and weight must be limited to 250lbs, which corresponds to a standard refrigerator.

What is the functioning of leasing a warehouse container?

The delivery of the warehouse container is done the date you want, then you can take the time to empty the contents of your garage in it before works. The standard period is 7 days, but you can keep it longer.

When it comes to floor quality, we like to believe there is no ceiling.

“They gave us a remarkable customer experience: courtesy, professionalism and a concern for our needs.”