What are concrete floor finishes?

Concrete is a versatile material that is utilized in a wide range of residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Concrete is well-known to be resistant, and its aspect can be altered using a variety of materials and techniques. Here are some of the most common concrete floor finishes:

  • Staining;
  • Dyeing;
  • Polishing;
  • Broom Finish;
  • Edging, etc.

All of these floor coatings finishes can be used on both existing and new concrete. This allows you to expose concrete floor slabs that have been obscured by various floor coverings such as carpet or vinyl tile, or to give a concrete basement floor a finish.

Concrete floor coatings

Lately there has been a big trend in the construction world: lofts. In neighborhoods everywhere, old factories, schools and churches are being converted into condominiums. And this is all for the better! This way, we can preserve the building heritage that gives our neighborhoods their charm. Fortunately, these buildings have very solid concrete floors which ensure excellent acoustic insulation. There are also many residential basements that have great potential to become outstanding, well-decorated recreation rooms perfect for get-togethers with friends.

We believe that it’s a mistake to cover these surfaces with a floating floor, engineered wood flooring or carpeting. There are many flooring options for the basement floor. Before making such a decision, be aware of how fortunate you are to have concrete surfaces, which lend themselves to very trendy solutions such as clear epoxy or metallic epoxy finishes.

concrete floor finishes



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Epoxy Design by Béton Surface

The Perfect Floor Coating

How to Choose Your Epoxy Coating?


During a visit to your favourite book or record store, you noticed that the floor was concrete and very shiny. You liked it and wondered if you could have a similar floor in your loft or basement. The answer is yes!

Béton Surface has developed a technique that achieves the same professional result. The first step involves using a diamond grinder to prepare the surface by removing all impurities and obtaining a level, smooth finish. Then the grinder goes over the surface again to remove any traces left by the grinder during the first step. After this preparation, we apply two coats of clear epoxy. If you want a less glossy finish, it is possible to apply a third coat of satin-finish epoxy. You won’t believe how impressive the results are on these epoxy floors.




Metallic epoxy finishes are now available. For this finish, the concrete slab is prepared in the same way as with the clear epoxy. The first and the second coats are solid color epoxy to create the base color. A third coat, which is transparent epoxy with metallic pigments, is then applied to create an impressive effect.

A very large choice of colours is available to enhance your décor. If you desire, a second or third colour can be added to give a marbled look to your floor. We like to say that every surface finished this way is a work of art, as every final product is unique, depending on the creativity of the application professional at that moment.

Regardless of whether you opt for the clean look of the clear finish or the high-tech appearance of the metallic finish, every time you walk on the floor of your loft, you’ll congratulate yourself for deciding to let our specialists do the work.




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