Industrial Case Study – Distillery (epoxy floor)


Covering the concrete slab of a distillery floor with a solid color epoxy. A nice industrial project with epoxy floor!


Vice & Vertu Distilleries have been thriving for several years in the world of distillation and mixology. Quebec’s first artisanal gin distillery, it is located in the Leclerc industrial park, in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures. Behind its doors, Franck Sergerie and his team indulge in creativity that is at odds with the traditional.

We worked with Vice & Vertu Distilleries as part of their project to install a coating system suitable for their current spirits production line. This project is also suitable for their future whiskey production project.


The distillery could not remain closed for a long period of time to avoid interfering with production 7 days a week.

Furthermore, the concrete slab did not meet MAPAQ (Quebec Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food) standards. Covering the slab was not a requirement, but it had to be polished and sealed to make it less porous.

We had to completely dry the concrete slab on the same day as the work. The continued production of gin had made it damp.

Our team had to do detailed work to get around the fixed production tanks.

Also, the concrete had to be sealed in several places. The acidity of the products used in the distillation had caused an accelerated degradation of the surface.

The covering to be installed in the production room, which could be seen from the tasting room through a bay window, had to have an aesthetic appearance.

We also had to meet the customer’s need for a durable, non-yellowing coating suitable for their future whiskey production project.


The work was carried out while the brand was participating in an out-of-town trade fair.

A solid color opaque epoxy was recommended to the customer, in order to meet MAPAQ standards. Epoxy is a waterproof, non-porous coating which therefore does not promote the growth of bacteria and mold. In addition, it is also easy to maintain.

Our work team proceeded to dry the wet concrete slab. We then prepared the surface with an industrial diamond grinding machine, which also allowed the removal of the remaining adhesive due to the previous coating. Then the cracks and cavities were sealed. The concrete slab could then be covered with an epoxy with a non-slip finish and a urethane specially resistant to the acidity of products, such as the malt found in whiskey.

The system that was set up in the production room has been reproduced identically in the storage and shipping section of the distillery.


Our expertise acquired through years of experience in the field has allowed us to deliver a quality epoxy distillery floor, while on budget.

Indeed, we have listened to the specific needs of the client and have been able to meet them.

The Vice & Vertu distillery now has a production room as well as a storage and shipping section, combining easy maintenance, aesthetics and durability, without the risk of bacteria and mold proliferation.

Our work team has been referred to other companies for future projects.


The system we installed for this project is as follows:

  • Mechanical preparation of concrete with an industrial diamond stone grinding machine
  • Sealing of the damaged surface
  • First coat: opaque epoxy, golf ball finish (non-slip, orange peel type)
  • Second and third coats: non-yellowing, chemical and malt resistant urethane

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