Industrial Case Study – Indoor Epoxy Parking Lot


Restoration of a 12,000 square foot indoor parking lot with an epoxy floor in a solid opaque color.


A pioneer in the construction industry as a general contractor and real estate developer, the history of the Longpré Group began in 1960 with its founder, Mr. Gilles Longpré. The Longpré Group stands out from the crowd with its multitude of top quality projects carried out over the years. It is now run by members of the second generation. Their mission is “to provide world-class construction, development and property management services for any type of project.”

The Mont-Carmel residence, a true sanctuary and haven of peace for independent retirees, is one of the many examples. The residence is located in the heart of the Ville-Marie district, in Montreal.

One of the last projects of Résidence Mont-Carmel was to breathe new life into its indoor parking lot of nearly 12,000 square feet. We worked with their employees and managers to make this project happen!


Our main challenge: complete the project within a strict deadline of less than 10 days.

We had to ensure the proper management of pedestrian traffic in the mechanical rooms and waste management rooms located in the parking lot. These rooms are regularly used for the proper functioning of the activities of the residence.

We also had to work in a controlled environment (of noise, odors and dust), in order to avoid compromising the serenity of the residence.

The concrete was in an advanced state of deterioration caused by calcium deposition and automobile traffic. Without forgetting that several cavities had to be sealed.

In fact, a negative slope near the interior walls directing water towards the walls also needed to be corrected.


We worked closely with managers and employees to establish a controlled and adequate environment during the work:

  • Daytime hours, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Use of products without VOC (Volatile Organic Compound), therefore products without solvents, odorless and safe to inhale
  • Use of equipment equipped with dust collectors to minimize projected dust.

In response to the client’s goals of having a secure epoxy parking lot, our team proceeded to the surface preparation by shot blasting. Then, the sealing of cracks and cavities on more than 80% of the surface. The concrete slab was subsequently coated with epoxy and aggregate sand. This system makes it slip-resistant and protects it from all contaminants, in particular calcium which damages the surface of the concrete.


The respect of the terms of the mandate entrusted to us, the good management of the budget which was established as well as the respect of the deadlines allowed the realization of this project.

The Mont-Carmel residence is now equipped with a revitalized, secure and waterproof interior epoxy parking lot. There is no risk of mold and water build-up. Maintenance is thus much easier and its durability is prolonged.

It is strongly recommended to cover a new concrete slab as soon as it is poured in order to protect it from various contaminants and to preserve its long-term investment. The decision to cover the slab with concrete now instead of allowing it to degrade further saved even more onerous costs. Indeed, these costs are often related to an excavation of the existing slab and a new pour of concrete.


The system that was installed as part of this project is as follows:

  • Shot blasting csp 4
  • 80% of the slab was covered with a fast-setting cementitious material
  • Slope correction over 150 linear feet with cementitious concrete
  • Diamond grinding of patching concrete
  • First coat: 11 thousandths of an inch of plain opaque epoxy
  • Full saturation: 24 grit sand
  • Second coat: 27 thousandths of an inch of solid opaque epoxy

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