Do you dream of the perfect home theatre? Would you like to set up a room in the basement for your child?

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There’s just one obstacle preventing you from doing so: the humidity level in your basement, which makes the atmosphere less comfortable and your plans less accessible.

Béton Surface has a solution for you. By calling on our team in Montreal and the South Shore, we can install a durable waterproof coating on your basement floor in Montreal East. This helps reduce the humidity level in the room to make it livable.

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Our choices of coatings for your basement floor in Montreal East

Béton Surface offers you a range of floor coatings that provide protection against water seepage from your foundation. It’s possible for water to accumulate under your concrete slab in the basement. This material has a high water absorption capacity. When the concrete becomes saturated, moisture escapes from the foundation into your home. Faced with this risk, you can therefore avoid opting for carpeting in your basement.

Our various coatings effectively help prevent this type of phenomenon:

Our team applies these products to the surface of your basement floor in Montreal East. You then obtain a smooth, shiny, and—above all—waterproof layer. Moisture is therefore expelled!

In addition to making the air more comfortable, you benefit from a basement floor in Montreal East that is highly resistant to wear and tear and easy to maintain. Aside from the utilitarian appeal of our various products, you get a basement with an attractive modern look.

In fact, thanks to our coatings, you benefit from a unique finish in terms of colour choice and effects. Add depth to your basement floor in Montreal East with metallic epoxy or rely on the shine of 100%-solid epoxy to add brightness to your room!

Call on the professionals: you have everything to gain!

Want a hassle-free installation? Béton Surface has an experienced team ready to take on challenges of all sizes. We will help you develop an effective strategy to ensure that the work is completed on time and on budget.

We put your needs and requirements at the forefront of your basement floor renovation project in Montreal East. We believe that listening to you gives us the means to achieve an end result that lives up to your ambitions.

  • Peace of mind due to the assurance of a job well done
  • The satisfaction of an optimal result
  • A unique modern look
  • An easy-to-maintain floor
  • Time and money savings
  • Incomparable floor durability

Get rid of moisture with our Montreal East basement floor coatings and start planning your basement. Then, think of the increase in the sale value of your home!

Contact us now for a free quote. You’re just one click away from starting your basement floor renovations in Montreal East.

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