Our floorings

We want to offer to our customers products with a real added value. Here are all our varieties of floorings :

Polyurea flakes

Polyurea flakes are ideal for residential, commercial and industrial floorings. These coatings are among the most resistant and durable materials in the industry. They make a perfect choice if you want to renovate your garage flooring and exterior concrete such as your terrasse, balcony, or pool walkways.

revêtement piscine plancher de garage montréal
plancher de garage Revêtement d'escaliers

Metallic Epoxy

Metallic epoxy is ideal to create a unique design. Benefit from a unlimited variety of colours and visual effects for your bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom floorings.

salle-de-bain epoxy-metallique-3
epoxymetallique2 epoxymetallique

Standard Epoxy

Epoxy is extremely resistant to impacts and stains, making it very popular in shops and restaurants! In addition, epoxy flooring is very easy to clean. Practical, and efficient, Béton Surface style!

chambre epoxy
bureau plancher industriel

Clear Epoxy

Clear epoxy is an alternative to floor polishing. This technique is less expensive but always delivers!

betonclair2 betonclair1
betonclair betonclair3

Polyurea Design by Béton Surface

The Perfect Garage Floor

Your choice of floor coating

Béton Surface knows how much it can be difficult to choose among all the products when it comes to renovating your flooring. Your choice generally depends on several criteria:

  1. Budget
  2. Time available
  3. Design
  4. Size and type of room
  5. Colours of the furniture, walls and ceiling

We can help you figure out which solution is the best suited for your needs.
Tell us about your project, it be will be a pleasure to support you in the best way we can.
Call us at 1-855-652-3866!

Professional flooring

Contact us today to start your renovation work. Our passionate experts will know how to give your flooring a second lease of life with the best available products on the market. For 100% transparency, get an immediate quote with our free online estimation tool.


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