prepare-your-garage-winterWinter is coming, and that can be bad news for your home. There are many aspects of a house that can be badly affected by the cold and harsh winter conditions. None more so than your garage. Improper garage care can lead to all sorts of problems when winter is finally over. To that end, here are five of the best tips to prepare your garage for the cold months ahead:

Start With The Garage Floor

Your garage floor can be negatively affected by cold and harsh weather. It can start to crack and look very unattractive. Thankfully, there are solutions to help you counter this. Get your garage floor in good shape before the worst of the winter weather hits. You can get a new floor relaid and finished in a short space of time.  This will mean you have a strong floor that’s capable of standing up to the winter weather.

Apply Different Coatings

Coating is a great way to prepare your garage for winter. You can coat the outside of your garage with weatherproof paint to ensure it copes with the wet and cold conditions. This prevents the exterior of your garage from getting badly damaged and eroded. Also, you can apply a coating to your garage floor as well. This gives it another layer of resistance.

Insulate Your Garage

As alluded to, a lot of the problems stem from the cold weather. So, you can prepare your garage by doing your best to trap heat in. Insulate the walls, and you will keep the place a lot warmer. This is beneficial as it means you don’t freeze to death whenever you go in there and it keeps your car warm too. This means you don’t end up spending ages trying to start a cold engine in the morning.

Keep The Door Lubricated

Throughout the winter, your garage door can become stiff from all the bad weather. If you leave this unattended, then the metal parts may rust and make it hard for the door to open. What you need to do is keep your door lubricated during the winter months. You should start by fully lubricating it in preparation for the bad weather. This ensures it works properly and you aren’t stuck with a huge garage door repair job.

Make Room For Storage

Commonly, people will use their garage for more purposes during the winter. It’s the place where a lot of things will get stored away for a few months. Think about any garden tools and items that you won’t use for a while or the patio tables and chairs that aren’t getting used anytime soon. Then you have all the boxes and rubbish from Christmas to keep until refuse collection day. So ensure you make room for all these things before winter properly hits your garage.

If you want to protect your garage, then you must prepare it for winter. Give these tips a try and watch the impact they have. By the time spring comes around, your garage will still be in perfect condition!


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