B-Protek’s team is often asked the following question: Is epoxy floor coating resistant to domestic animals? You’ll be happy to hear our answer! Yes, our epoxy floor coating is pet-friendly.

Resistant to Scratches

Epoxy is known as one of the most resistant materials in the flooring industry. In contrast to wooden floors, which can be easily damaged by your pet’s claws – dog, cat or even rabbit –, our epoxy coating solution is highly resistant to claws and other sources of damages.

Easy to Clean

Every pet owner will agree that having a domestic animal comes its load of unpleasant surprises.

  • “Accidents” or “leaks”, as we call them
  • Splashes from the water bowl
  • Food spills and vomit
  • Soil, leaves or any other exterior filth they bring back inside after their daily walk.
  • Hair or fur accumulations

Epoxy’s smooth and even surface is way easier to clean than a wooden floor or ceramics, which is a great advantage for pet owners. This type of flooring will help you keep your home “healthy”.

Safe and Waterproof Flooring Solution

Thanks to its waterproof sealing, in addition to its easy maintenance, your epoxy flooring is damage-proof. Fear no more, your floor is safe with epoxy!

What is more, your pets will be able to safely run and play on your floor: our epoxy floor coating is slip-free. Its even surface is also safe to prevent any damages to the legs or the paws of your domestic animals.

Choose a Heavy-duty Expoxy Floor Coating for Your Pets

We’re well aware that there are plenty of flooring solutions on the market. We also know that our epoxy floor coating is the number one solution for pet owners! In addition to its nice design, it will answer all your needs if your pets are super active. For any questions regarding our epoxy flooring solutions, contact one of B-Protek’s flooring experts.

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