A High-Performance Epoxy Coating is the Best Choice for Schools, Daycare Centers and Kindergarten

From daycare center to university, epoxy coating is the best protection for concrete floors. The installation of the type of coating in schools has several advantages for both staff and students because epoxy floors are:

  • Resistant to shocks and stains
  • Easy to maintain
  • Its surface is aesthetic and safe

Epoxy coating is also a good investment for the establishment, as it represents one of the best value for money.

Epoxy Floors : A Resistant Coating

In childcare, middle schools and high schools, and even in large universities, floor coverings are subject to a high level of traffic. A high-performance epoxy coating is the perfect way to prevent damage from this traffic because of its high resistance to shocks. Previously used, in commercial warehouses and airports, the floor will remain free of any material damage year after year.

Its non-slip surface will also ensure safe movement of young people every day.

It is also an interesting option to cover the floor in school gyms. The coating will resist:

  • Activities such as races and jumps
  • Balloon shocks and rebounds on floor
  • Shock from heavy sports equipment such as hockey or soccer nets.

Epoxy Floors : Easy-Care Coating

Food stains are quite common in this kind of establishment. The concierge staff can pick up the damage without fear of damaging the floor. A simple brush and mop will be enough to restore a clean look.

Epoxy flooring also has high waterproofing properties. The floor will resist splashing water, juice and coffee!

After all, your establishment will have an impeccable aesthetic look if you opt for an epoxy coating!

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