Béton Surface finally allows you to buy a high-end industrial polyaspartic polyurea product. Even professionals get their supplies from us!

But before going ahead with this type of project, here is a comparison chart that will help you make an informed decision:

Let the Béton Surface PROS do the jobDo it yourself!
Guarantee20 years1 year on all products
Project time1 day3 to 5 days
Concrete slab preparation– diamond grinder- dustless- odourless– Cleaning with acidOr- preparation done by a Béton Surface pro
Repairing of cracks– Flexible, fast-hardening polyurea compound– Epoxy repair compound
Equipment and toolsIncludedAvailable online (applicator, spiked shoes, etc.)
ServiceCan be reached anytimeProfessional teamFree quoteInstallation guide
Average cost for a 250-300 ft² one-car garage1500$700$
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